Cannabis butter

Are you planning to make a delicious space cake? For a good space cake you need cannabis butter to start with, we have translated our Dutch style cannabis butter recipe into English so you can start making good and proper cannabis butter. With this butter you cannot only make cake but also brownies or other spacy bakings ;)
Dried cannabis to use in our butter


For 6 persons:
  • 200 gram butter
  • 10 gram cannabis


Use a weighting scale to measure the needed amount of butter and cut the butter in small cubes.

Melt the butter au bain-marie or just melt it very slowly so it won't get any colour.

Proportion the cannabis and crush it as fine as possible.

When the butter has been fully melted take the pan from the heating source and scoop the crushed cannabis thru the butter.

Put the pan back on the heating source and set heat to low, stir regularly.

Be sure the butter won't get too hot, best is to take the pan from the heating source for a few minutes and then let it collect some heat again so. Repeat this for about an hour.

Filter the cannabis butter with a sieve or if you want very 'clean' cannabis butter use a clean kitchen towel.

Cool down the cannabis butter to let it harden in the refrigerator before use.