Frikandel speciaal

When you talk about Dutch patriotism you talk about 'frikandel speciaal'. With respect to our culture we do not translate the name of this snack, it is actually straight forward: a frikandel special. When you never had a Dutch frikandel speciaal you should get a round trip ticket Amsterdam right now, search for the nearest snackbar and order your very first frikandel speciaal, just to help you out, you pronounce it as: 'Freecandell Speciaal'.

We are sure, after your first experience it will not leave your mind and as soon you come home you gonna want to make one, just follow the recipe and spread the word ;)

Tip: for that part of the world who are still measuring things with their foot: 180° Celsius = 156° Fahrenheit

Two frikandel speciaal with ketchup and mayonnaise


For 1 person:
  • 1 frikandel
  • Curry or ketshup
  • Mayonnaise
  • 1 small onion
  • Enough sunflower oil


When you like to eat your frikandel speciaal with onion you may skin and chop the onion fine.

Preheat a deepfryer or a pan with enough oil to 180° Celsius.

When the oil is on the right temperature you slide the frikandel slowly into the oil and deepfry it for about 4 minutes, when you are a professional frikandel fryer you will know that they will start floating when ready.

Make a precission cut over the length without cutting through.

Fill your frikandel with ketshup and mayonnaise.

Finish it with fine chopped onion.