Frying Dutch style thick cut bacon

Dutch style thick cut bacon is world wide famous. In Dutch this cut is called 'speklap', 'speklappen', or 'speklapjes' and is made from the belly part. Speklapjes are about 10mm thick and are perfect for frying in the pan or BBQ.

In this recipe we have used sunflower oil but sure; you can also use butter ;)

Dutch bacon, thick cut (10mm)


For 2 persons:


Frying pan:

Heat up a frying pan to medium heat and add the sunflower oil.

Fry the speklapjes for about 4 minutes on high fire on both sides.

Turn the heat to low, add salt and pepper and let the speklapjes simmer for about 10 more minutes; flip them often.


Speklappen will lose a lot of fat so put them on the side.

BBQ them until they are getting a bit thinner and getting a nice golden brown color.

Add sald and pepper to taste.